Liverpool Street: Accessible Bathroom Renovations

One of the things shop owners in Middlesex Street and Artillery Lane spoke to me about when I was first elected was the lack of public toilets, since the closure of those in Middlesex Street and Network Rail’s subsequent decision to close all of the bathroom facilities across their network.

I was pleased to work with Network Rail at Liverpool Street Station in 2019 to reverse their decision to close the bathrooms and to no longer charge passengers to use the facilities in the station. Network Rail went further and made investments in upgrades to their bathrooms, which I know has been welcomed by many!

This week, I have also learnt that Network Rail have refurbished their accessible toilets opposite the ticket office on the concourse. They are now much brighter, cleaner and fit for multitude of different needs of passengers.

I’m grateful to Emma, the Station Manager, and her team who continue to drive improvements at this key destination in our community.

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