Support for the vulnerable during the current heatwave

The City of London Corporation’s Community and Children’s Services team are working via our housing teams, rough sleeping services, children’s services and social care to support the vulnerable during the current heatwave.  They are monitoring the situation with Public Health and resilience colleagues across the City, Hackney and Greater London.  Our libraries are providing ‘cool spaces’ for those needing respite from the heat.

Business continuity plans are also being reviewed in order to promote the health and safety of service users and staff, and provide continuity of services.

How can you help?

We are encouraging communities / residents to check on vulnerable family, friends and neighbours to make sure they are prepared for the warm conditions. You can also help amplify national and regional messages from:

Please stay safe and if you think someone needs non-emergency care or support, please reach out to the team on 020 7606 3030.

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