UK Youth Parliament Elections

As a proud founding member of the UK Youth Parliament, I am delighted to announce elections are due to take place for a Member and Deputy Member of Youth Parliament in the City of London.

Representing the voice of young people is critical to good decision making, particularly where decisions impact them. I therefore hope many young people who live, work or study in the Square Mile will consider stepping forward for election. In return, I promise to listen and work alongside them in my role as a City Councillor.

The deadline for submission of applications to stand for election is Tuesday 1 March 2022. Elections will take place between the 10 – 24 March 2022.  To apply to be the Member of Youth Parliament, call 07554 436490 or email City Prospects.

What is UK Youth Parliament? (UKYP)

The UKYP is managed by the British Youth Council(external link) (BYC), a national charity working to ensure young people across the UK have a voice. The UKYP importantly is one of the ways the BYC looks to achieve this. The UKYP:

  • Is composed of 354 representatives aged 11-18 years old from across the UK
  • Ensures young people in the UK are given a voice on any issue that affects them
  • Provides the opportunity to be involved in the democratic process at a national level
  • Empowers young people to take positive action within their local communities.

Each Local Authority across England represents one UKYP constituency. The allocation of Members of the Youth Parliament (MYP) in each constituency (the area you may be elected to present) depends on the number of young people living in the area. With the City of London having a small resident population this means the City of London will have one MYP which we are now electing. The City of London will also elect a deputy Member of Youth Parliament. This will be the young person with the second most votes and will normally live in the City of London.

Prospects, Part of Shaw Trust work with the City of London Corporation to administer MYP elections and support the MYP in their duties.

Further information about the roles and expectations for the Member and Deputy Member of Youth Parliament, how to apply, the application and election process timelines and contact details are all available on the City of London Corporation’s website.

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