201 Bishopsgate: Protest Activities by Palestine Action

Many of you will already be aware that activists from Palestine Action have attended 201 Bishopsgate this morning, sprayed two sides of the building with red paint, and then sat down and ‘locked on’ by the main entrance doors.

The protestors arrived at approximately 0600hrs and there were 10 in total of varying ages (approx. 20-50yrs). Between them they were carrying several suitcases, some of which were used for locking on by placing their arms through pipes contained within the suitcases that were filled with expanding foam. Banners and flags were also displayed. A cordon was implemented very quickly to contain the area and secure it until the Police Protest Removal Team could attend in order to safely release each protestor from their locking device. All 10 protestors were arrested for criminal damage offences and are being processed through custody. Palestine Action have placed numerous images and videos on their social media accounts such as X (formerly Twitter).

To date the City area has seen spray painting and vandalism such as breaking of windows in the early hours where the suspects have very quickly left the scene. Today’s action sees an entirely different tactic in the City area and this is the first time that Palestine Action are known to have remained and locked on in such a way.

Palestine Action are not a group who engage with City of London Police or provide any forewarning of action or activity.

The City of London Police have advised vigilance in the coming days and weeks to all property owners and tenants in the Square Mile and are supporting briefings to Security and Reception teams. They have also advised office blocked to conduct external security patrols and observations beyond the boundaries of your property, in the event that they may be able to sight persons gathering nearby who they feel may be about to embark on some form of protest action.

If anyone observe this kind of behaviour, please call into the City of London Police Control Room as soon as possible so that their officers stand the best chance of getting to property quickly to contain or prevent incidents and/or stop them from escalating.

Protestors today were not physically violent and did not offer any violence towards staff or members of the public, however, the damage caused is extensive and likely to be costly to remove.

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