Mental Health Awareness Week: 13th-19th May 2024

Join us in celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week, dedicated to fostering positive mental wellbeing and eradicating stigma in the workplace. This year, we recognise the theme of Movement, encouraging small daily movements for mental health and supporting organisations to encompass this into their wellbeing strategies.

During the week, your organisations have a unique opportunity to showcase their support for colleagues experiencing mental health challenges, and to support you on this journey, the This is Me programme has curated two simple, yet impactful activities designed to remove stigma and spark conversations about mental health in the workplace.

Green Ribbon Walk 

Inline with this year’s movement theme, why not organise a short walk around the City of London in the shape of a Green Ribbon! We’ve already mapped out the route for you, simply pick your date and time during MHAW, purchase and put on your own Green Ribbons, and see how impactful walking together can be for fostering open conversations about mental health. It’s a simple yet powerful way to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to supporting mental health initiatives and creating a culture of understanding and acceptance.

Download the Green Ribbon Walk Activity Guide here.

Green Ribbon Photo Challenge: End the Stigma

Join our Green Ribbon Photo Challenge and create a visual demonstration of support across social media! This fun activity requires minimal effort to participate but has a significant impact on raising awareness of mental health challenges and demonstrating that it’s okay to not be okay. Simply snap a photo of yourself with a green ribbon in a joyful location or engaging in a movement that brings you peace, then share your photo on social media using the designated hashtags. It’s a small gesture that sends a powerful message of support for mental health awareness in the workplace.

Download the Green Ribbon Photo Challenge Guide here.

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