New rough sleeping assessment centre opens in the Square Mile

  • the City of London Corporation building more social housing, to reduce the long-term reliance on temporary hostel accommodation
  • engagement in a campaign to ask Parliament to repeal the Vagrancy Act, which criminalised rough sleeping behaviours rather than enabling individuals to access support services
  • the adoption of multi-agency Operation Luscombe, which implements a 3-stage intervention model on begging, offering drop-in sessions at St Botolph Without Church on Bishopsgate for those who need help before any criminal consequences occur
  • the changes in outreach service provision, to include support being given to individuals where they are, particularly basic medical and hygiene care.
  • the relocation of assessments from the palatial Guildhall to shop-front facilities, where those who are in need are more likely to come present themselves
  • supporting the Mayor of London’s TAP London fundraising initiative which raises money for four charities that work with young homeless Londoners: akt, Centrepoint, Depaul UK, and New Horizon Youth Centre. Donations to the appeal have helped to support the Youth Homelessness Hub, a centre for helping vulnerable young homeless people first established in Hounslow last year, which recently reopened at a new location in north London.
  • promoted the StreetLink app – StreetLink – Connecting people sleeping rough to local services ( – which allows every member of the public to use the technology to notify local service providers of someone sleeping rough so help can be deployed.

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