22 Bishopsgate: Tree Felling

A number of people have asked me why the avenue of mature redwood trees in front of 22 Bishopsgate have been felled.

I’ve discussed the issue with the Head of Planning and Development at the City of London Corporation and understand the trees were part of the consented scheme for the development and were also an important element in wind mitigation along Bishopsgate.

Unfortunately, due to the extremely warm, dry summer last year, the trees failed to establish and died within 6 months of planting. Transport for London, who own the highway along Bishopsgate, requested that the trees were felled for safety reasons.

The developers of 22 Bishopsgate, AXA, have kept the existing stumps (at bollard height to avoid them being less of a trip hazard) to enable a specialist assessment of the trees in situ to ascertain why they failed. Once they fully understand the reasons for the failure of the trees, they will select the new, more appropriate, wind resistant, trees as replacements.  The planning team are working with Axa to ensure that the planting takes place within this year’s tree planting window.

Sadly, the stumps have been used by smokers as a place to put out cigarettes and drop the remnants around the base. I am pushing for a swift resolution to this issue, but rest assured, the trees will be back soon!